Federal Lot

Federal Lot concerns California Nevada and Arizona Boundaries hold Deeds warrants and otherwise to funding to clear title http://goo.gl/xKaIqq

The History of The Mother Lode California

Margie Paxton a former worker of Sonora Inn Switchbroad that housed a number of Presidents while Yosemite in battle of John Muir and President Roosevelt who stayed at the Inn Switchbroad Records of calls concerning calls of The Future Park yet Margie...

Beware of 3rd party impersate Google™

https://mobile.twitter.com/ptusss/status/608617846051090432   Beware a unknown 3rd party is trying to set up Google on Computer Generated Pass Words which leads Anti Trust such not authorized by Google 8:52am - 10 Jun 15

911 United States of America Address

The United States of America for 911 Address per Goldland Abstracts still have not been completed the requirement has been from the failure of lack of Townships in Northwestern United States and does effect all Surveys for Loan approval on Lands...

Abstract of Rail Car Fire

The main purpose is distance of Rail Easement 20 feet pending Federal Court Easement Grant  http://cmt1.blogspot.com/2015/04/abstract-of-rail-car-fire.html?m=1

Washington Aviation

Washington Aviation  A meeting coming forward to decide the State Aviation Branch to return to the Federal Aviation Administration from a select number of Boring Employees from Florida from giving Secrets prior to take aircraft type before the...